About me

I was called to web design because of the balance between aesthetics and technology. Flexing both sides of my brain has always been in the top five of my favorite things to do. Challenge is incredibly exciting, and staying on top of the web industry's ever evolving trends and technology will most certainly keep me on my toes. No matter where in my life I go, I always find my home in art and design. It shapes and influences how I flatten speed bumps that pop up in my path, and how I see the world in general.

I used to think about all the things I've done and wonder when it was going to come together. Not long ago, I realized that the time is now. The pieces of the puzzle are finally falling into place, and my diversely varied background and interests are what prepare me well for aligning myself with the goals and aspirations of my clients, people like you.

My hope is that you enjoy your journey through my portfolio, and that perhaps there will be some things here that inspire you as well.

Thank you for your interest in my work.